Database of technology startups that accelerate humanity.

日本科学未来館 場所:東京
We want you to know about the companies, individuals, and products that are accelerating humanity.

Humanity has entered a new phase after decades of encountering technology.
We are able to live richly thanks to the gifts of creators around the world.

However, the world has never been able to trade in these innovations.
Legal, linguistic, and cultural barriers are high, and technological advances are not ecosystemized.
There is a lack of visibility for technologically advanced companies, individuals, and products, both domestically and internationally.
There are also many unsolved problems in the world, problems that require urgent time.

At RISHIRU, we focus on “technologies that accelerate the evolution of mankind” and introduce companies, individuals, and products in our database to help lower the cost to do business with them.

Beyond that, we hope to solve mankind’s problems through technology and enrich people and the environment.

For Businesses

RISHIRU is always looking for technology companies to list their products and services.
Due to our release campaign, listing is currently free of charge.
(Please note that this is subject to change without notice, so we would appreciate it if you could apply as soon as possible.)

We are looking for new leads and PR, both domestic and international.
We appreciate your application for publication.

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