Abstract Engine Co., Ltd.


July 25, 2006


Head office: 1F Ebisu Higashi Heights No.2, 2-27-7 Higashi Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0011


Seiichi Saito


Daito Manabe, Motoi Ishibashi


Interaction Design / Experience Design / Product Design / System Design / Education


Consulting / vision design / social design / urban and area development / facility development / local development / smart city

Flow Plateau

Communication Design / Web Design / Graphic Design / Branding / Space Experience Design / Management

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Abstract Engine

At a time of dramatic change in society, what can we do as a team whose job is to invent and create, and turn ideas into reality by implementing them in society? We want to respond to this crucial question not through thought but through action.

Our aim is to create a bigger wave in society through our actions than ever before. To help us achieve this aim, from January 31, 2021, Rhizomatiks Co., Ltd. will be reborn as Abstract Engine. Our mission is to use our philosophy to create things and experiences—from the micro to the macro, together with diverse perspectives—and implement them thoughtfully in society. We want to make our ideas a reality across a wide diversity of fields, without being confined within the borders of art and design.


The department “Rhizomatiks Research”, which explores new possibilities of technology and expression and deals mainly with experimental projects with strong R&D elements, has been renamed “Rhizomatiks” and will continue to present even more cutting-edge expressive works and research to the world through R&D projects, productions and collaborative projects with external artists and researchers.


In order to continue creative actions that move society in the right direction, we will create new mechanisms by connecting organizations, people, government, and industry, crossing areas that were previously unconnected.
Raizomatics Architecture aims to reach a higher level as Panoramatics.


Rhizomatiks Design goes to Flowplateaux. We value not only what we create, but also what we create for. We search for values that will lead to a better future together with people who have a passion for the future. A design collective that seriously creates what it believes to be the best.


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