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Goodpatch Inc.


September 2011


2F VORT Shibuya South, 3-3 Uguisudani-machi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0032, Japan
tel 03-6278-0010 / fax 03-6278-0078


Naofumi Tsuchiya


UI/UX design, business model design, brand experience design, organizational design, software development

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What we design

Goodpatch has grown from strength to strength in UI/UX design for digital products.
While leveraging these strengths, we are expanding our offerings to include business design and brand experience design.
The expertise we have developed is deployed in our “Design Partner Business,” which solves our clients’ essential issues with the power of design, and in our “Design Platform Business,” which encourages all those involved in design.

Design partnerships Design partnership business

As a design partner, we contribute to business growth by working side-by-side with clients on product development, new business launches, brand building, organizational support, and other issues.

Design platforms Design platform business

From prototyping tools to career support services for designers, we face a variety of design-related issues and create our own businesses to solve them.


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